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I created A little snippet on from facebook. This snippet is used for sending contact information from web application.

// Use Parse.Cloud.define to define as many cloud functions as you want.
// For example:

Parse.Cloud.define("sendMail", function(request, response) {
  var Mandrill = require('mandrill');
  var EJS = require('ejs')

  var params = request.params;
  var data =;

  var html = "<!doctype html>" +
             "<html>" +
               "<head>" +
                 "<meta charset='utf-8'>" +
               "</head>" +
               "<body>" +
                 "<h2>Уведомление с сайта!</h2>" +
                 "<h3>Новая заявка</h3>" +
                 "<table>" +
                   "<tr>" +
                     "<td><b>ФИО:</b></td>" +
                     "<td>" + + "</td>" +
                   "</tr>" +
                   "<tr>" +
                     "<td><b>Телефон:</b></td>" +
                     "<td>" + + "</td>" +
                   "</tr>" +
                   "<tr>" +
                     "<td><b>E-mail:</b></td>" +
                     "<td>" + + "</td>" +
                   "</tr>" +
                   "<tr>" +
                     "<td><b>Сообщение:</b></td>" +
                     "<td>" + data.message + "</td>" +
                   "</tr>" +
                 "</table>" +
               "</body>" +

    message: {
      html: html,
      subject: "Уведомление с сайта",
      from_email: "",
      from_name: "Сайт",
      to: [
          email: "",
          name: "ТверьКарданСервис"
    headers: {
      "Content-type": "text/html; charset='UTF-8'"
    async: true
    success: function(httpResponse) {
      response.success("Письмо успешно отправлено!");
    error: function(httpResponse) {
      response.error("Ошибка! Что-то пошло не так!");

There is an application call of this snippet:"sendMail", {data: {name: "test", phone: "123123123", email: "", message: "фываыфва ыфва фыва ывф"}})

All code works fine but when I receive this email. There is no cyrillic symbols


I made some research and find that API calls in Mandrill doesn't receive cyrillic symbols too

API call params

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you need to encode text to UTF-8 like this: for raw text something along those lines should be enough:

function encode_utf8(s) {
    return unescape(encodeURIComponent(s));
text="Ты читала "+title+" от "+author+" еще "+readingSessionTime/60.0+" минут или "+readingSessionTime/3600.0+" часов"

    //TODO:use user's e-mail field (and check for e-mail to exist)
        message: {
            text: encode_utf8(text),e
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this worked for me. – Harry Dec 4 '14 at 6:36

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