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I'm looking for a web application testing framework that is intented to be used by customers. That is, tests will be created by users, not programmers or testers. Thus, no scripting. It has to have some kind of IDE/GUI.

Selenium IDE is nice but too basic. The more or less suitable solutions I've found:

  • CubicTest. Seems to be very nice, I really like the flow designer. I can extend it with additional commands. Tests organization (extension points, common elemenents) is really important. Elements selection is easy... until users have to know id/class. Hopefully recorder will help.
  • STIQ. I like the Fit-like tests organization. SQL execution might be helpful but I'm not sure if users will use this. I'm also not sure how repetative tasks (e.g. login) can be done (Cubic lets to base one test on another for this) - though knowing FitNesse, setUp will probably do. But it's less user-friendly and more script-like. Not sure if it has recorder.

So, what is better suited for users? Are there better ones?

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Unless your customers have testing and/or developement experience, I cannot recommend getting them to develop tests.

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Yes I agree, but they really want to. And the whole FitNesse-like idea is to have customers to provide (functional) tests, so this seems to make sense... – queen3 Apr 16 '10 at 6:53

You can use any BDD framework, which have easy syntax for creating tests. Example: Cucumber or Robot Framework. I think for every language you can find the alternative one. You need to create good platform for using this framework. For this maybe you need good programming skills or somebody with it. But after that even users will be able to create easy tests.

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