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I’m trying to produce a time series plot with ggplot2 in R for daily weather data to produce lines of maximum temperatures to compare one year against the other on the same plot.

My data looks like:


        date value year DayOfYear
1 2013-01-01     9 2013         1
2 2013-01-02    10 2013         2
3 2013-01-03    12 2013         3
4 2013-01-04    10 2013         4
5 2013-01-05    10 2013         5
6 2013-01-06     9 2013         6

          date value year DayOfYear
405 2014-02-09     8 2014        40
406 2014-02-10     9 2014        41
407 2014-02-11     8 2014        42
408 2014-02-12     9 2014        43
409 2014-02-13     8 2014        44
410 2014-02-14    12 2014        45

My approach appears to work OK to this extent:

Gatmax$Date <- as.Date(Gatmax$date, '%d/%m/%Y')
Gatmax <- transform( Gatmax,             
           Year = format(Date, '%Y'),
           DayOfYear = as.numeric( format(Date, '%j')))

But when I go to plot the data with ggplot2:

ggplot(Gatmax, aes(DayOfYear, value)) +
    geom_line(aes(colour = year)) +
    geom_point(aes(shape = year)) +

I get the following error:

Error in seq.default(from = best$lmin, to = best$lmax, by = best$lstep) : 
  'from' must be of length 1

Strangely, a seasoned R user who is trying to help me does not get the error using exactly the same script to generate a plot. The only difference is that they are using R in Windows whereas I’m using Linux. I don’t think that this is a operating system issue though, as I believe R is platform agnostic.

Any light that can be thrown to enable successful generation of a plot greatly appreciated.

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You should dput (a sample of) the version of 'Gatmax' that you use in ggplot. googling your error message leads to this, which may suggest that the data you use differ from the sample in your post. – Henrik May 11 '14 at 14:09
would have to try with a data sample, but maybe that does the trick: as.numeric(as.character(Gatmax$DayOfYear)). – zoowalk May 11 '14 at 14:22

It seems to be a data-related problem.

I used to get the same error message as you i.e., "Error in seq.default(from = best$lmin, to = best$lmax, by = best$lstep) : 'from' must be of length 1" but only when I used

scales = "free"      # or
scales = "free_y"

and yet there were no problems with the default (i.e., no scales specified) or with

scales = "fixed"

The solution for me was to make sure my data.frame was nice and clean, by removing all NA values from the column with the Y axis data.

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