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I want to make each result expandable to show extra details or edit form for the specific item.

Looking for similar questions I found this Template reuse in meteor

The problem I am having is using that would expand every result if I expand one :(

Here's the code I'm using atm:

  Session.set('edit', false); 

  'click .edit' : function(){
    Session.set('edit', true); 

Template.editdisplay.edit = function(){
    return true; 
   return false;


<template name="editdisplay">
  {{#if edit}}
    {{> editform}}
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Well, you use one reactive variable to control expanding of every item – what other behavior would you expect? You need to create a separate variable for each template instance. Simplest example:

  'click .edit': function(e, t) {
    Session.set('edit-' + t.data._id, true); 

Template.editdisplay.edit = function() {
  return !!Session.get('edit-' + this._id);
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It's not working :/ Do I need to add something else to html? like {{#if edit _id}}, didn't think it would be this easy.. ^^ or do I need a edit boolean in the collection? –  Sanctus May 13 '14 at 2:40
I assumed the data context for your template has the _id parameter defined, is that true? Try logging t.data._id and this._id before they are used, are the values correct? –  Hubert OG May 13 '14 at 9:14
Not sure what you are talking about there, but in my remove function i just use (onclick function) Collection.remove(this._id); Think you can do a simple example on how this would work, javascript and html. nothing is working atm, either I open all or none :/ –  Sanctus May 13 '14 at 21:25

While its not the most elegant solution, you could store the current edited item's id in the session variable, and use something like this:

{{#if equals _id editingId}}
  {{> editForm}}

and the js would look like this:

  'click .edit':function(event, template)->
     Session.set("editingId", template.data._id);

Template.editDisplay.editingId = function(){
  return Session.get("editingId");

equals is a simple helper:

UI.registerHelper("equals" , function(val1, val2){
  return val1 === val2;

and to avoid issues with live update:

Template.editDisplay.created = function(){
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