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I desperately try to delete a huge amount of records from a table in an access database (*.accdb) within an acceptable time.

More specific: I have a collection of integer IDs (ca. 50.000) whose corresponding records are supposed to be deleted from a table (ca. 300.000 rows).

Using a "for each x in collection" + "db.execute(SQL delete command)" approach takes ages.

Is there any other solution I could try?

Many thanks in advance and regards, Sebastian

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Use something like DELETE FROM table WHERE id IN (...) and fill the set for the IN part as appropriate, e.g. id IN (5, 6, 12).

Edit: for practical reasons, you could limit the amount of IDs in the IN set to, say, 1000. This would still reduce your number of queries by a large factor.

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If they're continuous BETWWEN may be more efficient. That's a big if though. – RubberDuck May 11 '14 at 19:52

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