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I have an array (say of size n) in which i have some numbers stored. The numbers lies within 0 and k. I want to make all the elements of the array 0. i tried to implement this with the help of segment tree but i am stuck now. and in each query run i can change the element as a[i]=(a[i]-1)%k

count is the counting how much more times i have to run the query;

void query(int s, int e, int index){ //query run on a particular segment of segment tree
    st[index]=0;//sum of all the values from element s to e
    if(s==e){// if this is a leaf then 
        return ;

else query(s, ((s+e)/2), 2*index+1); query(((s+e)/2)+1, e, 2*index+2); int prev=st[index]+st[2*index+1]+st[2*index+2]; st[index]=min(st[2*index+1], st[2*index+2]); if(st[index]==0){ //if this node value is 0. i am decreasing my size of array where i have to work now. others out side of range [minn, maxn] are taken care of. if(st[2*index+1]==0){ if(s==(s+e)/2){ int match=s; if(smaxn){ st[index]=st[2*index+1]; st[2*index+1]=0; } } }else st[index]=min(st[2*index+1], st[2*index+2]); }else{ if(st[index]==st[2*index+1]){ st[2*index+1]=0; st[2*index+2]-=st[index]; }else{ st[2*index+1]-=st[index]; st[2*index+2]=0; } } int lat=st[index]+st[2*index+1]+st[2*index+2];//lat is the latest value of sum of node and 2 childrens int diff=prev-lat;//diff between now and before

    return ;

this is my function i m using to update a node in the st array st is segment tree array and arr is the array from which i constructed the st array.

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You may want to start by indenting the code... –  Mats Petersson May 11 at 18:43

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