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I wrote simple PHP (codeigniter) script to send newsletter with Amazon SES. I have ~8000 emails in MySQL table and script which pulls all rows (email addresses), splits it in smaller packages (because of SES limits) and send email via SMTP. I'm using sleep()* and a cronjob which runs every minute. I know that isn’t the best solution but as a concept it works fine.

To allow sending mails with bcc, I have to make sure there is at last one recipient in to field or Amazon SES will not send it. So, my address ( is always in to and the other addresses are in bcc. Every iteration puts 8 different addresses in bcc (BTW, is there any better solution for this?). I also have a simple log file which writes every address operated by my application.

As I see, some recipients don’t get the newsletter. Amazon SES returns bounced emails and that works fine, but some addresses doesn't get it at all and there is no any feedback from Amazon SES. These addresses are in my log, which means they are processed by PHP script. Then I just delete that address and insert again in MySQL table and - it works! Some e-mails are parsed from CSV file, some of were inserted manually. I really don't know and can't check with all recipients if they got the newsletter. Do you have any idea what could cause this strange behavior?

I can't figure out what is the problem.

I'm using CodeIgniter and PHPMailer.

 public function cronSendMail(){
    $newsletter = $this->baumodel->getNewsletter();

        echo "No job for me!";    
    }elseif(is_object($newsletter)){ //means there is a newsletter ready for sending                        
        $limit = 104;
        $newsOfset = $newsletter->news_slanje_ofset;                        
        $noviOfset = $newsOfset+$limit;

        $adrese = $this->baumodel->getAdresar($limit, $newsOfset); 
        $brojAdresa = count($this->baumodel->getSveAdrese()); //number of recipients in whole MySQL table

        if($brojAdresa < $newsOfset){ 
            echo "Adrese: ".$brojAdresa;
            echo " Ofset: " .$newsOfset;
            die('Job is finished! ');

        $this->baumodel->setNewsletterOfset($newsletter->news_id, $noviOfset);                      
        $emailArray = array();

        foreach($adrese as $adr){
            array_push($emailArray, trim($adr['adr_email']));

        $newsletterContent = $newsletter->news_sadrzaj;                                                                                     

        $maliNiz = array();
        for($i=0; $i<13; $i++){
            //13 times with 2 seconds sleep is ~30-35 seconds of execution time.
            //CronJob runs every minute
            $maliNiz[$j] = array_pop($emailArray);
            $maliNiz[$j] = array_pop($emailArray);
            $maliNiz[$j] = array_pop($emailArray);
            $maliNiz[$j] = array_pop($emailArray);
            $maliNiz[$j] = array_pop($emailArray);
            $maliNiz[$j] = array_pop($emailArray);
            $maliNiz[$j] = array_pop($emailArray);
            $maliNiz[$j] = array_pop($emailArray);

            $this->email->bcc($maliNiz); //This is my BCC array of 8 addresses
            $this->email->from('', 'Baulink Portal');
            $this->email->subject('Gradjevinski portal Baulink - Novo na portalu');
            //echo $this->email->print_debugger();


            //log file start
            $filepath = APPPATH . 'logs/mail-log-' . date('Y-m-d') . '.php';
            $handle = fopen($filepath, "a+");                                                       
            $currentDateTime = date('d.M.Y H:i:s');
            foreach($maliNiz as $emailAdresa){
                    $infoLog = $emailAdresa . " // ".$currentDateTime . " \n";
                    fwrite($handle, $infoLog);
            //log file end
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It could be the mail is being marked as SPAM. So the issue could be that the domain sending from is blacklisted or something else is causing a score on a SPAM list. – JakeGould May 11 '14 at 20:00
No, it's not even in SPAM. There are for example some Gmail accounts which works great and messages are delivered in Inbox, but in some other cases it doesn't work at all. Similar is with @hotmail and domain-based (business) e-mail addresses. Really weird... – Dusan May 12 '14 at 1:21
Okay, fair enough. But unclear whether it is Amazon SES or the mailing process on your side. Very idiosyncratic. It could be your logs are just false positives if you think about it. – JakeGould May 12 '14 at 1:23
I will try to log the answers from SMTP, that will give me more data to analyse. It's probably something on my side. – Dusan May 12 '14 at 2:00
Exactly. You still have to make an SMTP connection to get the material to Amazon SES, so that is another aspect to look at. – JakeGould May 12 '14 at 2:05

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As per amazon docs, this could be the issue.

Important When you send an email to multiple recipients (recipients are "To", "CC", and "BCC" addresses) and the call to Amazon SES fails, the entire email is rejected and none of the recipients will receive the intended email. We therefore recommend that you send an email to one recipient at a time.

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Thanks, I saw that but forgot about it. I will have to rewrite my script. RTFM :) – Dusan May 12 '14 at 3:28
If you use the Amazon PHP SDK, you can connect to the API directly rather then through smtp, and that will allow you to send batches of emails. The only downside is if you want to switch mail provider you are up for a re-write. – bumperbox May 12 '14 at 3:50
Is it faster if I use the Amazon PHP SDK? Now it takes about 3 seconds for each request and if I send to only one recipient per request, it's very slow. – Dusan May 12 '14 at 22:21
And I think that SES will also reject entire email if the call to server fails, doesn't metter if it's called by SMTP or by the regular API. – Dusan May 12 '14 at 22:38
On further reading it does look like the same problem will occur with the api. I looked at SES docs when if first came out but haven't looked since. I ended up using mandrill. – bumperbox May 13 '14 at 3:10

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