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Hello We are making our CS102 project assignment and we approached a interesting error.

When we call rs.next() program goes on infinity loop and stuck at the same row then it crashes the interesting part is program only behaves like this on one rs.next() loop other loops works fine. here is the code.

    PreparedStatement stmt;
    stmt = con.prepareStatement("SELECT activity_id from user_enrolls_activity where user_id=?" );
    column = 1;
    stmt.setString( column, "" + id);
    rs = stmt.executeQuery();

    while (rs.next())
        joinedActivities.add(new Activity(rs.getInt("activity_id")));
catch(SQLException e)

sql query works fine, connections and the other things are done. i tested it from the mySQL client. joinedActivities variable is Arraylist

There is a code which is just like this and it works fine.

Please help we have little time left for the demo.

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Does it even compile ? –  Alexandre FILLATRE May 11 at 20:34
From the following code, It's not logical. –  Orel Eraki May 11 at 20:34
setString( column, "" + id); has written code-smell all over it. If user_id is a number you should use setInt(). Also you say you tested it with the MySQL client, then why did you tag this derby which is a totally different DBMS. –  a_horse_with_no_name May 11 at 22:09
I tested the query at MySQL and it selected the table. We couldnt figured out the problem. –  user3626427 May 12 at 15:27

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