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Im trying to convert this script, in my Zend program.


class rating{

 public $average = 0;
 public $votes;
 public $status;
 public $table;
 private $path;

 function __construct($table){
   $pathinfo = pathinfo(__FILE__);
   $this->path = realpath($pathinfo['dirname']) . "/database/ratings.sqlite";
   $dbh = new PDO("sqlite:$this->path");
   $this->table = $dbh->quote($table);
   // check if table needs to be created
   $table_check = $dbh->query("SELECT * FROM $this->table WHERE id='1'");
    // create database table
    $dbh->query("CREATE TABLE $this->table (id INTEGER PRIMARY KEY, rating FLOAT(3,2), ip VARCHAR(15))");
    $dbh->query("INSERT INTO $this->table (rating, ip) VALUES (0, 'master')");    
   } else {
    $this->average = $table_check->fetchColumn(1);
   $this->votes = ($dbh->query("SELECT COUNT(*) FROM $this->table")->fetchColumn()-1);
  }catch( PDOException $exception ){
  $dbh = NULL;  

 function set_score($score, $ip){
   $dbh = new PDO("sqlite:$this->path");
   $voted = $dbh->query("SELECT id FROM $this->table WHERE ip='$ip'");

    $dbh->query("INSERT INTO $this->table (rating, ip) VALUES ($score, '$ip')");

    //cache average in the master row
    $statement = $dbh->query("SELECT rating FROM $this->table");
    $total = $quantity = 0;
    $row = $statement->fetch(); //skip the master row
    while($row = $statement->fetch()){
     $total = $total + $row[0];
    $this->average = round((($total*20)/$quantity),0);
    $statement = $dbh->query("UPDATE $this->table SET rating = $this->average WHERE id=1");
    $this->status = '(thanks!)';
   } else {
    $this->status = '(already scored)';

  }catch( PDOException $exception ){
  $dbh = NULL;

function rating_form($table){
 if(!isset($table) && isset($_GET['table'])){
  $table = $_GET['table'];
 $rating = new rating($table);
 $status = "<div class='score'>
    <a class='score1' href='?score=1&amp;table=$table&amp;user=$ip'>1</a>
    <a class='score2' href='?score=2&amp;table=$table&amp;user=$ip'>2</a>
    <a class='score3' href='?score=3&amp;table=$table&amp;user=$ip'>3</a>
    <a class='score4' href='?score=4&amp;table=$table&amp;user=$ip'>4</a>
    <a class='score5' href='?score=5&amp;table=$table&amp;user=$ip'>5</a>
  $score = $_GET['score'];
  if(is_numeric($score) && $score <=5 && $score >=1 && ($table==$_GET['table']) && isset($_GET["user"]) && $ip==$_GET["user"]){
   $rating->set_score($score, $ip);
   $status = $rating->status;
 if(!isset($_GET['update'])){ echo "<div class='rating_wrapper'>"; }
 <div class="sp_rating">
  <div class="rating">Rating:</div>
  <div class="base"><div class="average" style="width:<?php echo $rating->average; ?>%"><?php echo $rating->average; ?></div></div>
  <div class="votes"><?php echo $rating->votes; ?> votes</div>
  <div class="status">
   <?php echo $status; ?>
 if(!isset($_GET['update'])){ echo "</div>"; }


How can I change this to Mysql?

Im using $dbh = Zend_Registry::get ( "db" ); normally to get my sql access.

Thanks everyone, hopefully there isnt too many changes invloved

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Hope you dont find this cheeky, I know people dont want to 'do your work for you' but I'm having trouble knowing exactly what to change, I reckon its about 4 or 5 lines in total, and of course you learn these things by example –  bluedaniel Mar 1 '10 at 23:29

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If the db object in the registry is one of Zend_Db then:

$dbh->quote() becomes $db->quote() (the easy one)

$dbh->query() statements that manipulate data could translate to $dbh->query() (again, easy). However, it would be better to update the code to use $db->insert($table, $data) - or use Zend_Db_Table objects with $table->insert($data).

$dbh->query() statments that return data can become $db->fetchAll($sql) statements, but you need to update the code to expect Zend_Db Row and Rowset objects.

I'd suggest reading the Zend_Db documentation to understand the what functions map to the different PDO functions.

If you just need this to work with MySQL change the DSN string to your MySQL connection. Something like:

$dbh = new PDO("mysql:dbname=testdb;host=", $user, $pass);

See the PDO documentation for details.

If the db object in the registry a PDO instance just grab that object and use it, instead of creating a new PDO object.

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I dont know, Im still gettings errors all over the show, I thought the whole point of PDO was that the syntac remained the same throughout? –  bluedaniel Mar 2 '10 at 0:38
If you're trying to use a Zend_DB object, then you're not using PDO. If all you need is that to work with MySQL, just change the DSN string. –  Tim Lytle Mar 2 '10 at 0:43
cheers, the script doesnt seem to be working all that well still, your new PDO shout was a good one though –  bluedaniel Mar 2 '10 at 1:35

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