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I have a project on my mac located in /Users/.../PythonProjects/myFile.py and additionally /Users/.../PythonProjects/myLib.py.

In myFile.py I have import myLib, and it works perfectly (Py27, using terminal to run). In terminal I type $pyhton [myFullPath]/myFile.py and I have zero problems.

Now, I moved this project to my PC and I am trying to run it using command line.

Note: Windows XP, Anaconda python installation for 2.7.6 (works perfectly otherwise).

In cmd line I type: >python C:\Anaconda\projects\myProject\myFile.py where myLib.py is in C:\...\myProject\myLib.py.

I get the following error:

ImportError: no module name myLib.

In python when I type Import sys and sys.path in python I see C:\Anaconda\...\myProject listed.

Unsure where the issue may be currently.

Thank you very much for any experienced pointers.

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Please see [this][1] link. This solved my issue! Awesome! [1]: stackoverflow.com/questions/269795/… –  jason m May 13 at 1:59

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