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I have two JodaTime objects and I wanted a method like so

// Return the latest of the two DateTimes
DateTime latest(DateTime a, DateTime b)

But I can't find such a thing. I could easily write it, but I'm sure JodaTime would have it somewhere.

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DateTime implements Comparable so you don't need to roll you own other than doing:

DateTime latest(DateTime a, DateTime b)
  return a.compareTo(b) > 0 ? a : b;

or by using JodaTime API directly (which takes into account Chronology unlike compareTo):

DateTime latest(DateTime a, DateTime b)
  return a.isAfter(b) ? a : b;
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Thank you, I had written something similar to your second example, but I was hoping to find something like this pre-written in a JodaTime utils class, instead of creating my own. –  bramp May 12 at 2:53

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