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I am making an application that is purely out of JavaScript (frontend and backend). So now I am using jQuery.tokenInput.js and I am having some troubles with the plugin recognizing the script.

First of all, it's not logging any error messages so I don't even know if it's an issue on my end or not.

I've essentially created a route in the application /autocomplete/tags and it accepts q parameter as well.

So when I type in something like this /autocomplete/tags?q=r I get the following result on the page


So now when I initialize the plugin like this

$('#tag_input').tokenInput("/autocomplete/tags", {
            theme: "facebook",
            propertyToSearch: "tag_name",
            tokenLimit: 5

It changes the input and everything. I've even tried with constant data and it seems to work but not with a script for some reason.

Is there a way I can debug/troubleshoot? Can I somehow turn on logging for this plugin? I don't actually see any issue with the way that I am doing it. I've looked at the demos and they return JSON in exactly the same way.

If you've got any ideas, it would be great!

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Ensure your script is returning the correct JSON header type with your data. When you say it seems to work with constant data - do you mean the exact same data set? Not having an id field has been known to cause problems: stackoverflow.com/questions/20516387/… –  Chris May 12 at 8:46
without id, it'll just have an "undefined" id when returning the objects. It's not too big of a problem. I'll take a look at the JSON header. –  user1952811 May 12 at 13:55
Oh, so you are getting something? Can you clarify what is, and isn't working at the moment? –  Chris May 12 at 13:57
Also, are you running your JS on the same machine as the serving page? If it's cross domain, that will prevent it working. –  Chris May 12 at 13:58
No errors, I'll be checking for the returned header type when I get home. I'm currently at work. Thanks for all the help :) –  user1952811 May 12 at 14:08
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The JSON returned from an external service must be returned under an application/json header type - we found that this service was returning text/html instead.

Information about how to specify the content type with Meteor can be found on this question.

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Take a look at this for further information on how to set up the script on Meteor: stackoverflow.com/questions/23643723/… –  user1952811 May 15 at 14:15
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