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I have looked all over, and I even found something as simple as Why does CreateSymbolicLink() succeed, but the generated link is invalid which worked. Yet, mine gives the error

main.cpp:179: error: 'CreateSymbolicLink' was not declared in this scope

Here is the code from that area:

if (j > 1)
    for (i = 0; i < m.size(); i++)
        if (strcmp(filename, m[i].name) != 0)
#ifndef _WIN32
            symlink(filename, m[i].name);
            CreateSymbolicLink(m[i].name, filename, 0x0);
#ifndef _WIN32
    //printf("Found %lu files the same as %s\n", j, filename);

Yes, windows.h is included.

Any ideas?

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The documentation says Vista. Have you told the headers that Vista functions are available? –  chris May 12 at 1:08
I'm new to Windows. How do I do that? –  phyrrus9 May 12 at 1:09
The second link I posted has exactly how. –  chris May 12 at 1:24
Does not help. I believe the problem is the SDK provided with mingw. –  phyrrus9 May 12 at 12:11

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