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I'm having an issue with integrating the Aviary SDK.

Upon compilation I receive the following error:

Dx mismatched stack depths

Dx underlay stack:
overlay stack:
stack[top0]: Lcom/aviary/android/feather/headless/moa/MoaAction;
...while merging to block 0048
...while working on block 0040
...while working on method clone:()Ljava/lang/Object;
...while processing clone ()Ljava/lang/Object;
...while processing com/aviary/android/feather/headless/moa/MoaAction.class

Dx 1 error; aborting
Conversion to Dalvik format failed with error 

I've tried removing all the jars from my Java Build Path->Libraries, cleaning and the re-adding them.

Under Order and Export, Android 4.4.2, src, gen, Android Private Libraries, and Android Dependencies are checked. There is nothing under Java Build Path->Projects.

The SDK in question is a library, and not a JAR.

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Oddly enough it seems the NewRelic library was causing the issue. Removing just that library, building, and then re-adding it seems to have resolved it.

Everytime the app is cleaned, the issue comes up again though.

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