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I'm trying to write a HTML/JS/C++ media player app for W8 Metro. I'm starting up a byte stream handler from JS which goes to a server and streams a MPEG2 transport stream to my app. The ByteStreamHandler creates a MediaSource which starts up a stream (or streams, as necessary).

I've tried a few different approaches to the stream contents...

1/ it can start a stream with major type MFMediaType_Stream and subtype either MFStreamFormat_MPEG2Program or MFStreamFormat_MPEG2Transport (I'm not sure which is right, so I tried both). This passes the stream through unaltered in the hope that W8 will know how to play it. This fails almost imediately, returning error code MEDIA_ERR_SRC_NOT_SUPPORTED to the JS, which seems to imply that MPEG-2 TS isn't supported (although if not, why are the stream types defined?)

I've tried writing out the MPEG-2 TS stream to a .ts file to check that there isn't anything wrong with it, and that plays OK. I can even play it from my app by giving it straight to the JS without going via my C++ code (which would be great if I didn't want to make any changes to it...)

Since I couldn't make that work, I tried extracting the contents from the TS and creating two streams from it, of types H264 (video) and AAC (audio).

This works if I play one stream at a time. So I can play back video OR audio - but not both together! If I try to start up two streams in my media source, it fails with the error MEDIA_ERR_DECODE.

I've arranged things so that the only differences between the working and non-working flavours of the app are whether the calling framework is told about one or two streams. Everything else is the same, which I hope has eliminated any problems caused by my code, and means that the only remaining source for the failure is the fact that there are two streams.

Can anyone explain why it's OK to play back one stream, but not two? Alternatively, can anyone tell me why I can't just send out MPEG-2 TS as a stream, or (even better) tell me what I need to do so I can send one MPEG-2 TS stream out, and W8 will play it?

I hope that all makes sense. Thanks in advance for any help.

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