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I'm using Full Page Layout control from Prime-faces. I have three layouts which are West, East and Center. West layout and East are collapsible. Also i have a button on West layout which has click event that is supposed to change Center layout content with another x html page. So the problem is, before clicking that button collapsing of the layouts are working well but after clicking the collapsing is not working. My X HTML code has included. Any Ideas of that problem please share me. Thanks.

<p:layout fullPage="true">
        <p:layoutUnit header="West" position="west" resizable="true" size="200" collapsible="true" >
                 <h:commandButton value="button" action="#interfaceAjaxes.hit()}">
                          <f:param name="name" value="new.xhtml"/>
                          <f:ajax render=":form:mainContent"/>                            
        <p:layoutUnit position="east" header="East" collapsible="true" size="200">

        <p:layoutUnit position="center">
            <h:form id="form" style="background: transparent">
                    <h:panelGroup id="mainContent">
                        <ui:include src="#{interfaceAjaxes.mainContent}"/>
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I found it, obviously you only render the loaded page, not the other functionalities, so use:

<f:ajax render=":form:mainContent @all"/> 

instead of:

<f:ajax render=":form:mainContent"/>

Hope it is useful.

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