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For example:

"I don't like these "double" quotes"

and I want the output to be

I don't like these double quotes
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Use String#replace().

To replace them with spaces (as per your question title):

System.out.println("I don't like these \"double\" quotes".replace("\"", " "));

The above can also be done with characters:

System.out.println("I don't like these \"double\" quotes".replace('"', ' '));

To remove them (as per your example):

System.out.println("I don't like these \"double\" quotes".replace("\"", ""));
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sweet I was trying something kinda similar but I forgot to add the '\' thanks a lot. – angad Soni Mar 2 '10 at 1:07

You don't need regex for this. Just a character-by-character replace is sufficient. You can use String#replace() for this.

String replaced = original.replace("\"", " ");

Note that you can also use an empty string "" instead to replace with. Else the spaces would double up.

String replaced = original.replace("\"", "");
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I agree, RegEx is way overkill. – Lawrence Dol Mar 2 '10 at 3:42
As turns out in the newer question the OP has asked here, this is actually to become part of a bigger (and troublesome) regex piece. But yes, regex is indeed way overkill for this particular find&replace piece. – BalusC Mar 2 '10 at 11:32

You can do it like this:

string tmp = "Hello 'World'";
tmp.replace("'", "");

But that will just replace single quotes. To replace double quotes, you must first escape them, like so:

string tmp = "Hello, \"World\"";
tmp.replace("\"", "");

You can replace it with a space, or just leave it empty (I believe you wanted it to be left blank, but your question title implies otherwise.

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wont that just get rid of the single quotes tho? – angad Soni Mar 2 '10 at 1:00
Yes. I'll edit it to make it more verbose. – Mike Trpcic Mar 2 '10 at 1:03

Strings are immutable, so you need to say

sInputString = sInputString("\"","");

not just the right side of the =

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very important point to consider! – Vignesh Apr 18 at 11:16

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