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I have a spring-integration message channel which read from a database using a jpa inbound-channel-adapter.

<int:channel id="logChannel">
    <int:priority-queue capacity="20" />

    channel="logChannel" entity-class="com.objects.Transactionlog"
    entity-manager-factory="entityManagerFactory" auto-startup="true"
    jpa-query="SELECT x FROM Transactionlog AS x WHERE x.status LIKE '1'" max-results="1">
    <int:poller fixed-rate="5000">
        <int:transactional propagation="REQUIRED"
            transaction-manager="transactionManager" />

This always reads only the first row of the table transactionlog. So I want to update the status of each database entry just after read. Any body know how to do that?

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If max-results="1" is OK for you and receive only one entity per 5 second is appropiate for your use-case, let it be.

Now how to update that entity to skip it on the next poll.

The <int-jpa:inbound-channel-adapter> has delete-after-poll="true" option, which allows to perform entityManager.remove(entity) after an entity retrival.

Right, it is the real removal from DB. To convert it to the UPDATE, you can mark your entity with:

@SQLDelete(sql = "UPDATE Transactionlog SET status = false WHERE id = ?")

Or something similar, that is appropiate for you.

Another feature is Transaction Synchronization, when you mark your <poller> with some before-commit factory and do UPDATE there. Something like:

<int-jpa:inbound-channel-adapter ...>
    <int:poller fixed-rate="5000">
      <int:transactional propagation="REQUIRED"
           synchronization-factory="txSyncFactory" />

<int:transaction-synchronization-factory id="txSyncFactory">
    <int:before-commit channel="updateEntityChannel" />

<int:chain input-channel="updateEntityChannel">
       <int:property name="status" value="true"/>
   <int-jpa:outbound-channel-adapter entity-manager="entityManager"/>

Something like that.

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Thanks it worked.. :) –  Diluu May 13 at 8:57

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