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I have configured the rails_admin gem in my RoR app. In the table that is displayed in the dashboard page, the "Last Used" column is empty. I can't find any configuration options related to this in the wiki. Is there any configuration that I have to do for this value to be displayed?

Edit : I found that rails_admin expects an "updated_at" column in each table, and I understand that it is rails convention to have an "updated_at" column. But mine is a legacy database into which I am integrating rails_admin. So in each table I have columns like "created_on" etc. So is there any provision for me to "specify" the column which should be used by rails_admin to display the "Last Used" information?

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Is that column actually populated for each record? Is that column an association? We need much more information here. –  Joe Kennedy May 13 '14 at 6:22

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