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I need to map SCIM core schema to LDAP to be used by UnboundId for operations in LDAP.

Is there a better approach to convert these schema??

e.g. In schema given here I need to map:

userName to uid

name.formatted to cn

name.familyName to sn (surname)


So there are search filters that will be mapped:

`userName eq john` will be mapped to `(uid=john)`

One way is to write utility classes and map each SCIM attribute to LDAP attribute to convert SCIM filter to LDAP.

Is there any useful standard for doing so?

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Take a look at the Apache eSCIMo project, it uses XML based mapping file to map SCIM attributes to LDAP and vice versa. This is compliant with SCIM v2.0 schema, but some of the recent schema changes weren't added yet.

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+1 for useful pointer –  mvreijn May 14 '14 at 18:40

I have several different ways of doing this, depending on the requirements.

  • Create a simple Enum and map all values from either side
  • Use a Properties file with keys like schema.scim.userName = uid
  • Create an XML file with <app-name> and <ldap-name> elements

The last two options I usually parse into a Map object for easy access. The Enum option is fastest to set up but also offers least flexibility. The others can be externalized for customization.

Lately, I have only been using the XML variant because of the flexibility and easy mapping in both directions.

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