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I wrote an open-source software package, which I'd like to publish (using Apache 2 license). I see various options for how/where to publish/host it:

  1. Get my own domain and put it there
  2. Put it on Sourceforge
  3. Put it on Google Code
  4. Put it on Freshmeat
  5. ...?

What are your experiences / recommendations? What's the current trend among software developers?

My only requirements are that I ...

  • can add my own logo on the website
  • can put up some documentation there,
  • get a nice URL that is easy to remember
  • get SVN support (I would also be fine with just uploading a tarball for each new version, it just shouldn't force me to use CVS or any other version control system I'm not familiar with)
  • and of course, the site shouldn't take ownership in the code etc.
  • oh, and it should be free (ok, for registering my own domain I'll be willing to pay a little bit)
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5. GitHub - github.com –  David Johnstone Mar 2 '10 at 1:55
@david: What are the differences to the other sites? Just curious. Thanks! –  Frank Mar 2 '10 at 1:57

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If you can afford it, get your own hosting and own domain. Once you have your own domain, you can switch hosting service to SF.net, your own hosting or elsewhere without much trouble. You can also host different parts (e.g. the website and the repositories) on different subdomains, at different hosts.

I am using SF.net with my projects and it certainly simplifies things and makes user management easier (most people already have accounts there), but I dislike the slowness of the site. For example, git push and pull just take too much time so that they end up slowing the development.

The slowness is a general problem with free services, as it also plagues other services that I have tried (including BerliOS and GitHub).

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