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In views folder kq.xml:

    <Say voice="alice">
    <Pause  length="1"/>
    <Say loop="6" voice="alice" >
         your conformation code is
        <Pause  length="1"/>

In controller:

 def kqxml(code:String) = Action { implicit request =>
   try {
   } catch {
      case e: Exception =>
        Ok(write(Map("result" -> "error")))

But getting error:

 object kq is not a member of package views.xml
[error]           Ok(views.xml.kq(code))

I also tried:


which of course didn't work.

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Do xml templates really exist? I always just used html.

But my guess is your templae file needs to be called xyz.scala.xml, so: If you are in the root template directory views you should have a file called kq.scala.xml then you should be able to write Ok(views.xml.kq(code))

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