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I am sorry if the question was already asked but after some research I couldn't find an answer. I want to copy the .exe of a project into a folder automatically.

I am using Qt creator 5.0.1 MSCV2010 and it always makes two outputs: release and debug.

For example, I want the /release/project.exe to be in /release/exec/project.exe.

I saw I can copy file like .dll with in a .pro with:


But it only work with files which already exist, or the .exe is generated after the compilation. I think I can specify this into:

projects settings->Build compilation->step Make : jom.exe in C:\path\to\project-release

But I don't know what argument is needed, Regards

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Note that qmake and Qt Creator are two different things. They are often user together, but do not depend on each others either way. – hyde May 13 '14 at 5:25
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On Windows you can use DLLDESTDIR variable which specifies where to copy the target dll or exe. Just add this to your .pro :

CONFIG(release, debug|release): DLLDESTDIR +=  $$PWD/../exec

On Linux you can use QMAKE_POST_LINK variable which contains the command to execute after linking the TARGET together. So it is like:

CONFIG(release, debug|release): QMAKE_POST_LINK += $$quote(cp project $$PWD/../exec)

Here project is the name of the target file which you provide by TARGET = project

These will copy the executable binary to a directory named exec one level upper than the program working directory. You can have your arbitrary path.

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Thank you very much, the first command works fine for me. I did'nt know this instruction for a .pro but it will be useful in the futur. – user3627590 May 12 '14 at 11:03

add a custom build step with the command an parameters

for windows (assuming you are doing this for the release build):

Release\<target.exe> path\to\destination\file.exe /Y
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