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I am new to Google Analytics. I want to track my application by unique user id. I am using Google Analytics SDK for Android v3. I have this code on onStart().I read about user id and created a new view for user tracking.

Tracker tracker = GoogleAnalytics.getInstance(this).getTracker("UA-xxx-2");
tracker.set(Fields.SCREEN_NAME, "Main Acitivty");
tracker.set("&uid", id);

But I am not getting how can I get this uid in my Google Analytics Console, I am trying to track user by their user_id , so I can get complete report of particular user. I am able to get count of the total active user , screens and hit events. But I didn't get any success on getting the same report user-wise. I also tried to create custom dimension and metrics but those are also not reflecting on account.I have no idea Where can I check this field.

For custom variables :

         .set(Fields.customDimension(1), "premiumUser")

I have searched , but I didn’t find any good tutorial on this.

Any help, suggestion , reference link would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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I am not very familiar with GA on Android apps. However, on a website custom variables often can be used to differentiate users. – M Schenkel May 12 '14 at 21:24
Thanks @MSchenkel you have any example of creating custom variables. ?I tried but those are not reflecting on console .. or may be I am doing something wrong – Nibha Jain May 13 '14 at 3:53
Please contact directly and I can assist you. – M Schenkel May 19 '14 at 13:30

User Id is only used internally to make sure that the sessions from one user are tracked together - it just makes your stats more accurate, and enables cross device analytics.

You cannot acces the userId though:

User ID - Feature Reference


The User ID value can not be queried as a dimension in reports in either the web interface or the APIs

Also be sure not to send any user id like name or email:

User ID Policy

You will not upload any data that allows Google to personally identify an individual (such as certain names, social security numbers, email addresses, or any similar data)

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You can find User ID Converage under Behaviour in the Audience section

check this image:

enter image description here

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