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It looks like you cannot use a helper in a controller even if both of them belong to the same class. For example: XYZHelper and XYZController...

I was under the impression that if the prefix is the same "XYZ" then the method in the helper can be used in the controller and in the view, but I think this is not the case.

So how do I remove some common functionality from a controller and place it in a helper. I want to place that piece of code in a helper because other controllers may be using it. What is the best way to approach this.

Thanks, Jai.

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Follow Pete's guidelines. If you still need to expose the methods then do the following:

Add the methods to ApplicationController class and register the methods as helper methods by calling helper_method.

class ApplicationController < ActionController::Base

  helper_method :foo, :bar


  def foo

  def bar
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Will the methods be available to any helper in the project if I add the methods as helper methods? Thanks. –  iJK Mar 2 '10 at 14:34
Yes, if you add to ApplicationController it will. –  Harish Shetty Mar 2 '10 at 17:19

There are a few ways you could share some code between controllers:

  1. Application controller: If the code in question is an action/method which ought to be in a controller, but could be used by several controllers (or all of them), then this might be a place to put it.

  2. the 'lib' directory. just a general purpose place to put code which should be shared.

  3. Put it in the model. This may or may not be applicable, but its worth taking a good look at the code you're trying to move and thinking about whether it is something which makes sense on a model (instead of a controller or random class/module in lib).

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Thanks for the reply pete. For some reason putting code in the application controller seems dirty. I have a method related to a model but the same method should be callable by the controller and a method in the application helper. –  iJK Mar 2 '10 at 2:57

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