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I'm new to xcode and the iphone sdk. I've been working with the view-based application for quite a while, and I was wondering if a utility application and a view based application involved the same type of coding. Can someone point out the difference for me?


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The both use the same frameworks, the only difference is how they are set up by default. The unity template provides a two view application (by default) and the view based only one.

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Thanks Man! So I can combine my coding and it will be alright? – lab12 Mar 4 '10 at 2:05
yea, it SHOULD be. Sometimes there are unusual bugs that happen, if so then just copy and paste the code in – Matt S. Mar 4 '10 at 20:09

It seems that Utility application in Cocoa-Touch is just a simple application template for application with 2 views.

This is apparently good for simple apps which have primary screen and configuration screen. Have a look at Understanding view controllers in Cocoa Touch which has some explanation.

It depends from what point you looking at differences. You still use cocoa-touch for your application. The difference is that simple view based application is a simple template for one screen application, you can extend it as you like. Utility application is simple template for an application with 2 views but you can extend it as you like.

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