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I have the following setup:

   c => ConfigurationFile.Load<Configuration>(filename)

Somewhere else in my program I have

void Dispose()
    ConfigurationFile.Save(Configuration, @"c:\config.cfg");

How do I resolve Configuration here?

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Since you Build your Component Container, there is Resolve method which can be used to inject all your dependencies automatically. From the scope defined in your question it is not clear what kind of relations you have between classes and Component Container. But hope this example helps

builder.Register<Configuration>(c => 
return builder.Build();

Main window:

public class MainWindow
    public MainWindow(Configuration configuration)


Some bootstrapper or factory or whatever:

public MainWindow GetMainWindow()
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Where does container come from in the MainWindow? –  lejon May 12 '14 at 11:23
MainWindow doesn't know anything about Container. Container resolves MainWindow instance with its dependencies. Container itself usually comes from the same place as all your registrations - from some startup routine. Autofac has builtin interfaces which you could inject along with your own. e.g. ILifetimeScope, from which you also could resolve whatever you want. –  Vladimir Sachek May 12 '14 at 11:29

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