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I am generating image plot by setting the surface plot in 2d mode. I am trying to draw the overlay crosshair as an ILScreenObject and move it to jog/navigate through the surface points along the wireframe.

But any shapes I add to the ILScreenObject are not visible other than the ILLabel? I am using the following code.

        ILArray<float> specialData = ILSpecialData.sincf(20, 30);
        ILSurface surface = new ILSurface(specialData);
        surface.MouseClick += surface_MouseClick;
        ILPlotCube cube = new ILPlotCube();

        //construct ILScreenobject
        ILScreenObject screenObj = new ILScreenObject();
        screenObj.Children.Add(new ILLabel("test label"));


All I could see with this code is a label centered on the image plot. Could anyone suggest me any possible solution for this? Thanks.

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It sounds like a bug. I'd suggest to create an issue here: ilnumerics.net/mantis –  user492238 May 12 '14 at 11:46
Just realized that If I set the width and height of the screenObject explicitly, then the shapes are shown. –  Neelima May 12 '14 at 12:47

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