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I have implemented a MvxTabBarViewController comprising of 3 tabs, each tab's view is a MvxCollectionViewController. The problem I am currently having is that the content inset of the of the MvxCollectionViewController is being set to 0 every time a user navigates between tabs. This is problematic as it does not take the Navigation bar into consideration. I am currently manually setting the the CollectionView.ContentInset in ViewWillAppear of each of the MvxCollectionViewControllers. Is there a better way of achieving the same result?

Currently this is what is called in ViewWillAppear:

        public void SetViewLayer()
            CollectionView.ContentOffset = new PointF (0f, -64f);

            AdjustInsetsForNavigationBar (new UIEdgeInsets (64f, 0f, 64f, 0f));

        public virtual void AdjustInsetsForNavigationBar (UIEdgeInsets insets)
            CollectionView.ContentInset = insets;

Thanks in advance.

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I am currently only experiencing this when running the app on an iPad, the iPhone version works as expected. –  rohanjansen May 12 at 11:58
Are you using any kind of custom presenters? If so, you might be able to move this logic into that place. Would make it a bit cleaner –  Rana Hossain May 12 at 12:55

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