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I'm have an index which stores text strings for search, both in their original form and their collated form (Collated form is used for searching the index, Original is displayed in the results).

The collation is done via the ICU4C implementation, which works as defined in the Unicode Collation Algorithm. I use Sort Keys, and typically only store the Primary strength (no accents, lower/upper-case, code pages etc).

For debugging purposes, is there any way to invert a collation sort key to retrieve a human-readable string similar to the original? Obviously this is a lossy process, but converting the sort key of 'a' to display the ASCII 'a' character is good enough. Hopefully there is a standard way of doing this, without having to implement the translation from binary sort key to printable unicode characters myself. Optimally, the solution will be implemented in C/C++.

Thanks in advance.

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