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How would I use DLLImport pinvoke to invoke a function i wrote in a class in an unmanaged DLL? It always throws that the entry point doesn't exist in the dll. EX:

class Foo
  int __declspec(dllexport) Bar() {return 0;}

Bar is in the Foo class. when I use pinvoke as:

public static extern int Bar();

When using it i get an exception saying that the entry point does not exist in the DLL. Is it possible to call functions directly from classes?

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Not easily...

To call a member function, the first "hidden" argument has to be a pointer to the C++ class who's member function you are calling.

And C++ functions are name mangeled, so you need to find the name mangeled name of the function you are calling.

In short: It is easier to create a C++/CLI wrapper of your C++ class to do this.

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Short answer:


Long answer:

Create a C callable export (iow including the instance parameter).

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You are going to have to find the mangled name. You can use dumpbin /exports but 'im not sure that the calling convention will work through pinvoke.

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