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What is the better way to generate HTML tag attributes by condition. I have an external function in the module, which can give me some value (Bool for example). And based on that I need or don't need add a class to the tag. this element has children.

<tr *class should be here*>
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Since Hamlet allows to apply functions within an interpolation, you can simply use the function. Sample demo:

{-# LANGUAGE QuasiQuotes #-}

import Text.Hamlet (shamlet)
import Text.Blaze.Html.Renderer.String (renderHtml)

myClass :: Bool -> String
myClass _ = "dummyClass"

main :: IO ()
main = putStrLn $ renderHtml [shamlet|
 <tr .#{myClass True}>
   <td> dummy text |]

In ghci:

λ> main
<tr class="dummyClass"><td> dummy text </td>
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Thanks! Functions works before hamlet will translated into plain HTML, ok. –  SDmitry May 12 at 16:51

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