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I have a dataase with 3 tables:

Orders(OrderId, OrderDate, OrderValue)
OrderDetails(DetailsId, OrderId, ProductId, Quantity)
Products(ProductId, ProductName, Price)

I need to insert another row in Orders.

I know the OrderId, the Date but I want to calculate the OrderValue.

I don't know how to do it: the OrderValue will be something like that.

(quantity*price) where OrderDetails.ProductId=Products.ProductId for each row in OrderDetails where OrderDetails.OrderId=Orders.OrderId

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you can try it with an insert with subquerry. insert into orders (orderid, orderdate, ordervalue) (select "orderid which you know", "date which you konw" d.quantity*p.price from orders o join orderdetails d on o.oerderid=d.orderid join prducts p on d.productid=p.prductid). –  OliC May 12 at 14:12
You created an earlier question asking more or less the same thing. Next time, please edit and improve your previous question instead of asking a new one (this also prevents a question ban). –  Josien May 12 at 14:17

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The best way is using View insted of computing OrderValue, because you should update this field every time when Quantity or Price are changed. This is not good and it contradicts 3NF also you will have a lot of other promlems. I strongly recommend to you change database structure, but if you would not change you can use following example:

insert into Orders(OrderId, OrderDate, OrderValue)
values(@SomeOrderID,getdate(), 0) 

insert into Products(ProductId, ProductName, Price)
values(/*some values*/)

insert into OrderDetails(DetailsId, OrderId, ProductId, Quantity)
values(/*some values, include @SomeOrderID*/)

update o set OrderValue = (p.Price* pd.Quantity)
from Orders o
inner join OrderDetails pd on pd.OrderId = o.OrderId
inner join Products p on p.ProductId = pd.ProductId 
where o.OrderId= @SomeOrderID
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this code it works, but it calculates the OrderValue only for first row in OrderDetails....if i have more products on the same order it gives me the value only for the first one....i think i need a sum or something! –  user3619247 May 12 at 18:12
It calculates OrderValue for all OrderDetails that connected to Products. if many orders have the same orderId they are all will involve in calculation OrderValue. –  user3623784 May 12 at 18:16
i don't think u understand, or maybe i don't understand....for example...in products if i have this values: Id=1....Name=productA....Price=2, Id=2....Name=productB....Price=3, and if in OrderDetails i have....DetailsId=1 OrderId=1 ProductId=1 Quantity=2 and the second row: DetailsId=2 OrderId=1 ProductId=2 Quantity = 4......I need to insert in Orders this values: OrderId=1, GETDATE(), OrderValue (wich in this case must be 16)...your code it insert only , it doesn't add the value for the second row from OrderDetails! –  user3619247 May 12 at 18:28
I change script in my answer.I thing now it is ok. –  user3623784 May 13 at 9:37
it's the same thing...i've already made this change –  user3619247 May 13 at 10:02

If this is Oracle then you can try this

SELECT A.orderid, 
       A.quantity * B.price 
FROM   orderdetails A 
       inner join products B 
               ON A.productid = c.productid;
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