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Has anyone implemented a DLP (Data Loss Prevention) solution? How effective and manageable is it? If someone could share the insights of its implementation? For e.g. it's administration requires experts, has some caveats, etc.

Many Thanks.

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I would suggest this be posted in Server Fault or Super User as the community there would be more acquainted with Symantec DLP and the necessary requirements to install the Enforce Platform on Windows Server or Red Hat. –  Signus Sep 11 '13 at 15:35

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I have recently implemented Symantec DLP with one of our client(one of the largest bank in gulf).

Its effective in the way you implement the different components(flavors) as required and identified for the organization/client that needs it.

As far as administration is concerned its a breeze and one can easily learn but the thing that is important is how you gonna protect and identify the data/info at risk of leakage.

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I work for a partner with Symantec and help people implement DLP. Would be willing to talk to you in person if you are interested.

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