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I want to specify /licenses/all as the default path for my emberjs application. When I do not specify any path in ApplicationController of ApplicationRotue, the path remains something like http://localhost:8080/ and nothing loads. But if I specify transitionToRoute(all-licenses) in ApplicationRoute, the path gets reset to the one specified, everytime I refresh the page (and hence refresh the application). I want the path to remain the same on refresh, but also the application should be redirected to the default path if root path is selected (/). How can I achieve this?

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When you hit the root of your app (/) it hits the application route, but since you've only hit the / it will also hit the default route for the root of your site, the IndexRoute. That makes it a good candidate for hooking up the redirect.

App.IndexRoute = Ember.Route.extend({
  redirect: function(){
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