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Strange one here: I've got a window created with an extended style of WS_EX_OVERLAPPEDWINDOW | WS_EX_COMPOSITED. On WM_SIZE I create (or reset) a timer using SetTimer, which calls a draw function after a 100 ms pause in resizing (Helps smooth resize.)

That's working just fine, but I just noticed that if I remove the WS_EX_COMPOSITIED style, suddenly my timer stops working! Huh? I've confirmed that SetTimer is being called, but I never hit the callback function. Put the style back in, and everything is happy again.

I have a feeling that I'm missing something here. Has anyone else experienced this?

Windows 7, 64 bit (if it matters.)

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I have Win 7 x64 and looks like it works for me. Anyway, you can post here some small snippet, maybe it will share some light to you problem.

class CMainWindow : public CWindowImpl<CMainWindow, CWindow, CFrameWinTraits>
    DECLARE_WND_SUPERCLASS(_T("CMainWindow"), CWindow::GetWndClassName())


    VOID OnSize(UINT, CSize)
        m_timerId = SetTimer((UINT_PTR)this, 100);

    VOID OnTimer(UINT_PTR)
        CDCHandle dc = GetDC();

    VOID Draw(HDC hDC)
        CDCHandle dc(hDC);
        CRect objClientRect;
        dc.FillSolidRect(objClientRect, RGB(0, 255, 0));

    UINT_PTR m_timerId;

int main(HINSTANCE hInstance, HINSTANCE, LPSTR, int)
    _Module.Init(0, hInstance, 0);

    CMainWindow wnd;
    wnd.Create(NULL, CWindow::rcDefault, _T("Hello world"));

    CMessageLoop loop;


    int res = loop.Run();

    return 0;
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