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With help of AMO (Application Management Objects) was able to find a solution to clear members of a particular role in a cube with c# code. Simple code i used was :

Role role = new Role();
role = db.Roles.FindByName("roleName1");

Now i seem to have a situation. I do not know before hand the roleName parameter that i pass in "FindByName" function.. I do not know RoleName before. Any kind of idea so as to how to get role names for a cube?

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You can use

foreach(Role role in db.Roles) {
    if(<some condition, possibly using properties like role.Name>) {

You can find the properties and methods of the Role class here: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/microsoft.analysisservices.role.aspx.

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Got it finallyy :)

foreach (Microsoft.AnalysisServices.Role CubeDbRole in db.Roles)
string Rolename = CubeDbRole.Name;
foreach (Microsoft.AnalysisServices.RoleMember CubeRoleMember in CubeDbRole.Members)
//In case you want to display members

Thanks :)

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