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I have a problem in generating proper time sequence using R:

fivemin <- seq(as.POSIXct("2014/01/01 0:00:00"), as.POSIXct("2014/04/01 0:00:00"), by="5 mins",tz="EST")
time <- data.frame(MasterTime=fivemin)

Using above code, I can get a data frame with 25909 observations. However, under Eastern Standard Time (without daylight saving), the number of observations should be 25920. The difference is 1 hour from the transition of daylight saving time on 03/09/20014, because then the time would change from 1 AM to 3 AM directly. I'm not sure how R deals with this kind of time change. How can I revise my code so R produce a time sequence without that missing 2AM hour on 03/09/2014? Does anyone have any idea on this?

Really thanks!

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Set the time zone explicitly in as.POSIXct. –  Roland May 12 at 14:23
You could also ignore daylight savings for the duration of the session with Sys.setenv(TZ='EST'). –  Matthew Plourde May 12 at 14:58

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