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I have a units.xml file that looks like this

        <TYPE>Administrative Office</TYPE>
        <UNITNAME>Office of Alumni Affairs</UNITNAME>
     .... and so on

I want to append a new element LOCATION to the node and I do so using this code:

  var xmlDoc=loadXMLDoc("units.xml");
  x[0].setAttribute("LOCATION","Ground Floor");

  document.write("Location: ");

It prints out what I want it to ("Location: Ground Floor") but when I open my units.xml file, nothing has changed. Am I doing anything wrong?

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Java script is not a server side language , however php can deal with that

define("UPLOADEDFILES", " url of units.xml ");
$doc = new DOMDocument('1.0');
if(is_file($xmlfile)){   // test if file exists
  $Dbms = $doc->getElementsByTagName("dbms");
  $root = $Dbms->item(0);
} else{  // if file does not exists
 $root = $doc->createElement('dbms');
 $UNITS = $doc->createElement("units");
$units->setAttribute("LOCATION","blablabla");//append the attribute LOCATION to the first units node 

 //you can append the attribute wherever you want , just follow the previous example

$doc->save($xmlfile); // save changes
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