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I am preparing a application in which i am asking user to upload his images and now i want that this images displayed when user log in and click on my photos link(in thumbnails).I think you got the idea.All is same like orkut..

Now what i can do in this is...

I can upload the file and can store it into hardisk into any folder(/htodocs/uploadedfiles) but i dont know how to display this hard disk stored image into my page like orkut does.. and then i want to provide a delete button at the bottom of each image so that if user want to delete uploaded image it get deleted from hard-sisk as well as from database..Give me idea about this also.BUt tell me how i can display an image on page which i have stored into hard disk..

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After uploading the image file , store the image into require path using move_upload_file function . then store the image file path in database for that user.

Then , whenever you want that image , you use that image path for accessing the image in php.

For delete you can unlink function , Whenever delete link is get clicked , you call the unlink function with that image file path , it will get removed from your file system.

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yaa i was thinking the same i tried like this..I am able to move this file into desired location no problem there then i am displaying image using img tag but this is not working... $addr=$row['File']['Name']; and then to display this image i am trying <img src="<?php echo $addr ?>"> but this is not working – Deepak Narwal Mar 2 '10 at 6:40

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