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I can run the following line in R just fine. X and Y are just some strings that I use to iterate over my variables of interest:

neural <- nnet( get(paste(x,y,sep="")) ~ get(paste("l",i, x,y,sep="")), data=data, size=1, decay=0.001)

Then I go over to errorest in the ipred package to cross validate my error from the above model and I have an error:

neural <-errorest(get(paste(x,y,sep="")) ~ get(paste("l",i, x,y,sep="")) ,     data=data,na.action=na.omit , model=nnet, size=1, decay=0.001,  est.para=control.errorest(k=99-z))

error is

Error in get(paste(x, y, sep = "")) : object 'colorado_c_r' not found 

colorado_c_r is the first value of get(paste(x,y,sep="") so it doesnt work for any of my variables

Now, you obviously see that the objects pass which pass into the formula in nnet, do not pass errorest. Has anyone experienced similar problem before? Please let me know. Best, Peter

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