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I have recently updated from fedora 19 to fedora 20. Everything seemed to work well, except for 1 really weird bug in emacs. The keyboard bindings for jumping to the beginning or to the end of a buffer have stopped working. None of the other short cuts in emacs seem to be affected.

The symptoms are that when I press left Alt + shift + > I get told that "M-. is undefined". (the M-< binding similarly resolve to the M-, binding).

writing the < > characters work in emacs, all the C- bindings seem to work correctly and I can still run functions using the M-x binding.

To try and fix this I have removed my .emacs file I have uninstalled emacs and all the emacs *el and *elc files and reinstalled. The problem still persists. I have removed all emacs and emacs related *el and *elc file and manually compiled and new emacs instance and the problem remains.

So I looked through the keyboard mapping in the cinnamon keyboard settings and everything seems to be working correctly.

I'm at a lose as to what exactly is going wrong or what else I can do to test. It looks like the shift key stops working when the alt button is pressed in emacs, there does not appear to be any other symptoms. Anyway help/suggestion would be much appreciated.

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