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I have a page that will have a monthly subscription fee and I was wondering if PayPal's simple subscribe and unsubscribe buttons can do the trick without using the API. On subscription the user is returned to my page and I handle the subscription, but if the user decides to unsubscribe how can I handle it? Or is it possible at all? Does the page make a return call to the same address I have given for redirection?

Thank you for the help in advance.

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Yes, Standard Subscription buttons can be used without any API calls. I would recommend using Instant Payment Notification (IPN) to handle all transactions associated with subscription profiles.

PayPal's IPN server will POST transaction data to a listener script you have on your server when transactions occur in real-time. This allows you to automate post-transaction procedures like updating your database, sending email notifications, or anything else you might like to do when transactions occur.

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