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I'm working on contacts exchange and sync framework for Android mobiles.

I need to transform the data from Android ContactsContract.Data table to VCard and vice versa.

So, it will be possible to export and import contacts in VCard format.

I decided to use EZVCard library for parsing and formatting VCards.

Android ContactsContract.Data table has IS_PRIMARY column. In rfc6350 (VCard standard) i found nothing about primary properties.

Is there standard way to mark a property in VCard as primary?

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With vCard 3, you would use a TYPE=pref parameter (e.g. TEL;TYPE=HOME,PREF:+12) whereas with vCard 4, you can use a PREF=1 parameter (e.g. TEL;VALUE=uri;PREF=1;TYPE="voice,home":tel:+1-555-555-5555;ext=5555)

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