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From the original form form1, I can call this easily


But from form2, I cannot find equivalent method

(form1.Controls["tableLayoutPanel1"].Controls["tabControl1"] as TabControl) 

does not have the SelectedTab method

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Make the modifier on the TabControl's field Public, then you will be able to reference the tab control directly via the field with a reference to Form2.

It will look something like this after you have made the field public.

Form1 frm1 = <A reference to Form1 that you passed in to Form2 somehow>
frm1.TabControl1.SelectedTab.Text = "Changed Text!";
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where is form1? –  AppDeveloper May 12 at 17:39
thanks. It works. –  user3398315 May 12 at 17:40
Sorry, I got the form names reversed. –  Bradley Uffner May 12 at 17:41
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