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I'm using sublime editor and want such things for programming competitions (TopCoder): when testing locally, I want to read from file, but when sending, I want code to read from console. Now, I do it like this: I have 2 lines:

freopen("A.in", "r", stdin);
freopen("A.out", "w", stdout);

which I comment prior sending. Is there anything like define something from IDE, and then used #ifdef to decide if I'm compiling locally or sending? to

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Make up your own symbol. e.g.

    freopen("A.in", "r", stdin);
    freopen("A.out", "w", stdout);

When you compile it locally define the symbol on the command line (assuming g++ compiler):

g++ -DJANI_LOCAL source.cpp

The code between the #ifdef/#endif will be compiled locally but will be ignored when compiled by the judging software.

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where can I change that command line arguments which sublime uses to call g++? where can I add JANILOCAL –  Jani Baramidze May 14 at 10:04

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