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I just jumped in an existing project written in CakePHP. I created the schema file using

Console/cake schema generate

Now the user table was missing an UNIQUE keyword to the email field, so I need to add it. Sadly now some users registered their email more than once, so when I run

Console/cake schema update

the SQL statement

ALTER TABLE `users` 
ADD UNIQUE KEY email (`email`);

fails because there are duplicate emails.

Is there any way to make an automated migration or I must clean up the database before the update? thanks

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You should clean up the database before the update.

There is a usage of ALTER TABLE that will automatically delete rows where duplicate values are found, but you don't have much control over which row is kept.

ALTER IGNORE TABLE `users` ADD UNIQUE KEY email (`email`); says:

If IGNORE is specified, only one row is used of rows with duplicates on a unique key. The other conflicting rows are deleted. Incorrect values are truncated to the closest matching acceptable value.

This feature is deprecated in MySQL 5.6 and removed in MySQL 5.7.

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Thanks, I was aware of the ignore option but it's not implemented in schema update. Is it possible to run some code before the update so that I can automate the cleanup? My purpose was manly this. – Maxxer May 12 '14 at 18:43
This is up to the CakePHP migrations tool. I don't use CakePHP so I can't give expert advice. If it were me, I'd do the cleanup manually, before running the migration. – Bill Karwin May 12 '14 at 19:14

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