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i have created one script which will rename the file. but i want to make it dynamic. for instance:: whenever file enters into a folder... it should get automatically renamed using this script. so is there any way of doing that??

code i have written so far::

 'File      : Script.vbs
 'Arguments  :
 'Inputs     : a.Complete path where csv has been kept.
 'Outputs    :
 'Returns    : rename the file
 'Usage      :  input.csv
 'Purpose    :  The Script.vbs reads the csv file and checks for the presence of source and checks if any xml file is there. if exists than it will rename the file

 'Declare variables

 Dim fs
 Dim objTextFile
 Dim srcfolder
 Dim fldr
 Dim arrStr
 Dim csv_Path

 '**a.Enter your csv path here
 csv_Path = "C:\Users\Uni\Desktop\Script\input.csv"

 'Create a File System Object
 set fs=CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")

 'Check fot the existance of csv file
 If (fs.FileExists(csv_Path)) Then

 'Msgbox ("1");

 'Open the csv file
            set objTextFile = fs.OpenTextFile(csv_Path)

 'Read CSV file till its end
                            Do while NOT objTextFile.AtEndOfStream

                            arrStr = split(objTextFile.ReadLine,",")

                                            'source folder 
                                            srcfolder = arrStr(0)

                                                            'check for the existance
                                                            If (fs.FolderExists(srcfolder))  Then

                                            set fldr = fs.getFolder(srcfolder)
                                            'Check whether folder is empty

                                                                            If fldr.Size <> 0 Then
                                                                                            for each file in fldr.Files

                                                                                            if lcase(fs.GetExtensionName(file.Name)) = "xml" then
                                                                                                                            file.name = "Aus_China.xml"

                                                                                              end if
                                                                            end if
                                                            end if

Loop end if

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Look for WMI events (more information) –  MC ND May 13 at 10:05

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