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i am using Postgre sql database in my database there is one table mumbaipropertydetails in that one column zone has unicode data.

when i execute query select mumbaipropertydetails."zone" from mumbaipropertydetails; it gives output like this.

"\u092A\u093F\u0902\u092A\u0930\u0940 \u0935\u093E\u0918\u0947\u0930\u0947" "\u092A\u093F\u0902\u092A\u0930\u0940 \u0935\u093E\u0918\u0947\u0930\u0947" "\u092A\u093F\u0902\u092A\u0930\u0940 \u0935\u093E\u0918\u0947\u0930\u0947" "\u092A\u093F\u0902\u092A\u0930\u0940 \u0935\u093E\u0918\u0947\u0930\u0947" "\u092A\u093F\u0902\u092A\u0930\u0940 \u0935\u093E\u0918\u0947\u0930\u0947" "\u092A\u093F\u0902\u092A\u0930\u0940 \u0935\u093E\u0918\u0947\u0930\u0947"

when i m tring to execute another query like select mumbaipropertydetails.taxno from mumbaipropertydetails where mumbaipropertydetails."zone"= "\u092A\u093F\u0902\u092A\u0930\u0940 \u0935\u093E\u0918\u0947\u0930\u0947";

it gives an error like this

NOTICE: identifier "\u092A\u093F\u0902\u092A\u0930\u0940 \u0935\u093E\u0918\u0947\u0930\u0947" will be truncated to "\u092A\u093F\u0902\u092A\u0930\u0940 \u0935\u093E\u0918\u0947\u"

ERROR: column "\u092A\u093F\u0902\u092A\u0930\u0940 \u0935\u093E\u0918\u0947\u" does not exist LINE 1: ...opertydetails where mumbaipropertydetails."zone"= "\u092A\u0... ^

*** Error ***

ERROR: column "\u092A\u093F\u0902\u092A\u0930\u0940 \u0935\u093E\u0918\u0947\u" does not exist SQL state: 42703 Character: 99

how to get output pls give me solution

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I think you have confused single and double quote in your query.

You should query like this:

select mumbaipropertydetails.taxno
  from mumbaipropertydetails
    E'\u092A\u093F\u0902\u092A\u0930\u0940 \u0935\u093E\u0918\u0947\u0930\u0947';
  1. There's no need for quoting column names, if they are lower-case. If they're mixed or upper case you have to quote them in double quotes - "
  2. Strings have to be quoted in single quotes - '
  3. Strings that use backslash (\) for escaping, have to use a letter E before opening single quote, like in the example above.
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