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Every month I get an updated list of USPS ZIP codes, which I dutifully import into my SQL Server 2005 database. It's really a simple process, and during the import process, there's a little tick-box that allows me to "Save as SSIS package". Which, of course, I did.

But this is the really crazy part... now that I've saved it - where is it? There is no documentation I can find that tells me where this supposed SSIS package can be found, so I can run it again!

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When you connect to SQL Server, connect to Integration Services, not Database Engine. You should be able to find your packages within the structure that appears.

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Thank you! You'd think that would be documented somewhere...! – Shaul Behr Mar 2 '10 at 9:25

You have two targets to save too:

  1. SQL Server (stored in MSDB)
  2. File System (you get to choose folder etc)

What did you choose?

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